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Where to buy Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Where to buy Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Where to buy Graphene
Where to buy Inorganic Nanoparticles

Nano Science

Chemistry, Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials (nature-inspired materials)
Chemistry and NanoScience at University of Padova
Continuous flow processing of nanotubes

Nano Medicine

Nanotechnologies for helth and life

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Nanotube-based materials (Nanocyl)

3rd generation solar cells

Perovskite PhotoVoltaics

Plastic solar cells

Organic PhotoVoltaics (OPV)
Fullerene based plastic solar cells (Konarka)
Graphene and Photovoltaics
Carbon Nanotubes and Photovoltaics (Solis research project)

Plastic light

Organic light emitting diodes (OLED)
OLED products from OSRAM
OLED products from PHILIPS